Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Joie de vivre...creativity is a love of life....you ARE your art and style

It is a beautiful morning here in the country region where I live in Australia. It occurred to me as I read a post on That's Not My Age this morning that it may seem odd for my 'creative pursuits' blog to feature so many fashion or beauty connections. Check out the Blogs I follow and you will see a theme...French anything, (soignee!) Classicism, Bohemian, Personal Style and Art/Craft connections. I believe that what we wear or style is indicative of our creative personality. For some it is still evolving, or still someone else's idea of how it should look. It may be ecclectic or even ragingly rebellious. Like our artworks, poetry, stories and photographs, we will only be happy with their reflection of us when it is truly initiated by us. How do we know when we are authentically us? I would love to hear you voice your ideas ...it will make you feel good...bien dans sa peau....ca va?

 stage style
holiday style

Crafty arts

Get Crafty these last sun-kissed days of autumn and herald the cold. I am inspired by the slanting light of the early morning...for me that's 8am....sorry early risers...I'm not emerging before the sun is shouting loudly. Woolly, knotted and gorgeously textured stuff is what makes us feel like making our winter nest, so get collecting bits of wool, towelling, felt, feathers, spongy knit scraps and make a beanie, a bag, decorate an object or a create a wristlet.